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From A Valley Of Chips

While silicon chip innovators and manufacturers were first to the scene in Santa Clara Valley, now known as Silicon Valley, they had to quickly make space for some of the world’s largest “crazy” thinkers like Apple, Google and Facebook, to name a few. Today, thirty-nine Fortune 1000 companies have planted their headquarters squarely in the epicenter of original thinking.

It’s not hard to grasp why pioneers, like eBay, Tesla, Salesforce, Cisco, Oracle, Adobe, HP, Intel, Yahoo!, and, and, and… are driving the world’s technology evolution at break-neck speed. When you visit this foothold of innovators you’ll quickly get the drift that creativity begets creativity.

To best understand the vibe and ethos of the Silicon Valley before you visit, grab a seat and watch the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley.

Quirky Silicon Valley Trivia: The movies A View to a Kill (1985), The Social Network (2010), Jobs (2013) and The Internship (2013) were filmed here.

Want to experience the magnetic energy of technology pioneers but don’t want to make the trek to the Silicon Valley? Netflix HQ is located in Los Gatos about 4 miles from The Lexington Ridge Inn.

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